Jungle Beach

Event Design


Private beach located in Ohrid, N.Macedoina, recognized for hosting various summer events and bringing globally ranked artists from the fields of techno, house & goa-trance, into one place. These include artists like Yudhisthira, Metodi Hristov, Kala along with other well appreciated local artists.




Win Music Freedom

Brand Awareness

WinMusicFreedom is an international program leader and event organization, broadcasting talented music artists throughout the world. The purpose of the campaign was designated to illustrate the company energy and it's connection with the public.


concept 002p2.jpg

20 Minutes

Cover & Event Design

20 Minutes is a country signing duo from Czech Republic, Prague. The design represents the release and event for their album "SisterSister", executed trough specified guidelines from the client.



Kristijan Volchev

Music Artist

Macedonian based artist, originally from Croatia. Kristijan's idea on the term Synesthesia was to express each song as an unique color, representing it emotions. The creative process involved designing a CD, Vinyl and promoting the whole album online, along with an individual promotion on a single.




The video's length is approximately 1 hour long, in which the songs are highlighted for easier navigation, and the cover design is integrated and shifts colors as the songs progress. The key idea was to create a relaxing atmosphere where the viewer can have a chance to acknowledge the artist's vision.


Oscar Barrantes

Private Chef

Oscar is a well renowned chef in Barcelona, originally from Peru. He specializes in the traditional Peruvian cuisine, but also adapted to the broadly adored Mediterranean style as his own. By combining his experience in both theory and practice, Oscar brings a fresh approach on trendy foods with an emphasis on Paella.

The graphical approach was mainly striving towards representing Oscar as a symbol of experience, culture and quality.


Fight or Blight

Awareness campaign

Fight or Blight is a Macedonian based non-Profit project, solely focused in sustaining the alarming levels of pollution in the local area. It's strategy was focused toward providing informative content on prevention and sustainability, as well as aggressive advertising stressing the consequences of public ignorance.



The overall project involved developing an illustrated promo video introducing the organization and what it stands for, as well as producing printed and digital advertising both for the topic and identity recognition. The key objective was to establish a source for memorizable content that radiates trust in information




Brand Awareness

MultiSped stands for one of the top ranking spedition companies in N.Macedonia, actively pursuing potential marketing solutions on broadening their services and anticipating the modern trends industry. During my collaboration with MultiSped, multiple campaigns have been developed, presenting their static identity as a form of long lasting quality service, along with a modern appeal.



Personal Designs